PS5 Slim: Check Out Expected Price & Release Date

The PS5 Slim is likely to be released by Sony. Since the original PlayStation to the PS4, Sony has always released smaller and lighter revisions of its home consoles – so a PS5 Slim is almost certain.

A new report suggests that even though PS5 demand barely meets current needs, a new variant is on its way. Despite the fact that The Leak deems it the PS5 Slim, they also note that their sources say Sony wouldn’t actually call it “slim” in this instance.

The PS5’s original polarizing design will likely be trimmed down to save some weight. The PS5 Slim isn’t just an attempt to draw consumers who were turned off by the console’s gargantuan size. 

A slim console is essentially a way for companies to reduce costs. In the future, Sony will be able to make a smaller PS5 that costs less to manufacture and delivers the same experience in a smaller package, as manufacturing costs decline and more efficient parts become available.

PS5 Slim

While we tend to expect some sort of mid-generation redesign of current-generation consoles, this report seems to be going back in time to a time when such an upgrade was more about size than power, such as the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X.

In 2013, the PS4 was released, and in 2016, the PS4 Pro was released. A slimmer redesign of the PS5 is expected to launch in 2023, according to this rumor. 

PS5 has already been slimmed down internally, at least by Sony. There is now 300 grams less weight in the new PS5 Digital Edition, CFI-1100B, than there were in the launch model. As a result of the redesigned heatsink, his revised console is lighter as well.

In spite of the negatives of a cheaper design, the smaller size of a PS5 Slim should outweigh them all. 

Ultimately, Sony will replace its original model with this new one in order to maximize its profits during production. its original console design with its new PS5 Slim as it works to maximize its profit margins during production. 

PS5 Slim Price and Release Date

It’s likely that the PS5 Slim will be cheaper than the original PS5’s $499.99 / £449.99 / AU$749.95 launch price. Despite the price increase on the PS5, the Slim is expected to be lower.

The PS4 launch price was $399 / £349, so we expect it to be around $100 cheaper. Unlike when the PS4 Pro was released, the PS5 Pro will probably replace the $499 / £449 price tag.

There is no word yet, but we expect Sony to release the PS5 Slim Digital Edition with a discount of $100 / £90 over the disc version. We aren’t sure if Sony will pursue another digital console at this time, but a fully digital console could be incredibly attractive.

When is the PS5 Slim Coming Out?

Sony typically releases Slim versions of its consoles three years after launch. While PS3 and PS4 arrived within two years of each other, PS2 Slim and PS One arrived after four and six years, respectively. In 2023 or 2024, we may see a PS5 Slim.

Tom Henderson’s leak indicates that the current PS5 production will cease in October 2023, while the new “PS5 Slim” version will go on sale in September 2023.

PS5 Slim Design

PS5 Slim
Credit: Sony

ps5 slim leaks Suggest, A PS5 Slim is unlikely to look like anything you’ve seen before, but its overall size and weight are expected to be considerably reduced. The PS5’s current design is expected to be streamlined and smaller, so expect it to look similar to Sony’s original vision.

With its huge size, the PS5 will require a significant amount of space in your home entertainment center, especially if you intend to place it vertically. Sony should do away with the stand completely if you put the PS5 on its side, as it will be a lot shorter than the current version.

We expect Sony will further reduce the console’s weight with future updates, but we’ve already seen a 300-gram reduction on the current PS5 model. With 8.6 pounds, it is only slightly lighter than the PlayStation 3 and the second heaviest Sony system.

We have seen one unofficial PS5 Slim attempt so far. The YouTuber in June crammed the PS5 Slim into a tiny shell with a power brick that was attached to the power unit separately. It’s unlikely Sony will take this approach, but it was an interesting attempt.

PS5 Slim Specifications

We’ve seen prior Slim revisions gain small performance boosts over the PS5, so the PS5 Slim is likely to match the PS5. New Nintendo 3DS now has more grunt to play specific games thanks to added power from Microsoft and Nintendo. The PS5 Pro is on the horizon, and Sony hasn’t improved hardware in Slim models generally.

In order to give gamers a bit more wiggle room when it comes to storing games, Sony may increase the PS5 Slim’s storage or even offer two SKUs. As we saw with the PS4 Slim, which axed its optical port, there’s also a possibility that the console’s ports might change.

Credit: PS4 Slim [Sony]

PS5 Slim: Should You Wait?

Considering how hard it is to find the PS5, you may be better off waiting for the PS5 Slim – if you are patient enough to wait. PlayStation 5 Slim’s $199 / £359 price tag will certainly appeal to consumers who think the PlayStation 5 is simply too big, and the slimmer profile will be more appealing to those who think the PlayStation 5 is too big. There is likely to be a long wait.


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